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A Transwoman who writes about whatever comes to mind on any given day: Memoirs, Haiku, philosophy, and random weirdness.

But You Only Had 24 Followers.

Which is exactly why I made it 25. Let me explain.

I have about 2,000 followers myself, and follow almost 4,000. But I still look for more people to follow.

I Used To Be, But Not Anymore.

Photo Credit: Amazon, via Google Images

I was excited when I bought my Apple Watch. I loved everything it did, from unlocking my iPhone when I was masked to being able to answer incoming calls (anyone remember Dick Tracy’s wrist radio?) to reminding me to just stop and breathe for a minute.

But now the novelty…

But We Do Need SOME Of Them

Picture of the book, “The Elements of Style.”

“I” before “e” except after “c.” Except in “Keith,” “weird,” “forfeit,” “albeit,” “glacier,” and “seize.” Never end a sentence with a preposition, a rule which so great a writer as Winston Churchill considered “arrant nonsense, up with which I will not put.”

I don’t take issue with most peoples’ writing…

And I Agree With Them…Mostly

Photo of arthritic hands holding a crayon

Photo by SAM LIN from Pexels

When I was in college, I kept copious notes in all of my classes. Long, laborious, handwritten notes. Practically everything a professor said I copied word for word.

And never looked at them again. Just the physical act of writing fixed the ideas firmly…

Just Don’t Ask Me To Drink Their Tea.

Like millions of other people around the world, I sometimes visit my neighborhood Starbucks or, as I think of them, the “McDonald’s of Coffee.”

Look, we all know that McDonald’s hamburgers aren’t exactly gourmet meals. And if we’re being honest, they’re not exactly health-food, either. But they have one shining…

Yes, I’d Buy It Again

Screen shot of Apple Watch face.
My Apple Watch Face. Screen capture by the author.

It’s been a month since my latest toy arrived in the mail. A Series 6 Apple Watch. Not really knowing what I was doing at the time, I opted for the Cellular version. …

Oh, The Humanity! The Humanity!

Afternoon Tea Cats 1910 Artist Unknown Public Domain

Okay, so maybe it’s not on the scale of the Hindenburg disaster. But when I need that first cup of coffee of the day to get me moving, it might just as well be.

A while back I ordered a Melitta drip coffee maker, because I couldn’t find one in…

Living With A Failing Body

Your Granny Smokes Pot…Oh, Wait…I’m Your Granny!

I’m 71 years old and I smoke weed. Weed, marijuana, Mary Jane, The Devil’s Weed, whatever you want to call it, I smoke it. I’ve smoked it since I was a young lass of 17, sitting on the back wall of the Alamo. Yes, that Alamo. San Antonio, Texas. The…

An Epic Tale Of Survival In The Alaskan Wilderness

Photo by Marco Tjokro on Unsplash

I lived in Alaska for twenty years. For much of that time I was married. My first daughter was born in Petersburg in 1975. Her sister was born 4 years later in Juneau, where we lived until 1989.

My wife’s brother and his family were also there for much of…

Or, “It Sucks To Be Me”

Photo of diabetes meter and other supplies.
Photo by Mykenzie Johnson on Unsplash

Last Friday I got a letter from my insurance company informing me that because of newly-received information, they had reviewed one of my prescription claims.

“Oh, how wucking funderful!” I thought. “How much is this going to cost me?”

Reading further I was delighted to learn that I was entitled…

Robyn Sinéad Sheppard

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