Huey Lewis Wanted a New Drug…

…But I Got a New Vape

Robyn Sinead Sheppard


Photo of a Cannabis Indica vaping system
Photo by the author

One of the difficulties with the implementation of legal marijuana in my home state of New York is that the agency set up to oversee the trade isn’t doing a very good job of it. As a result, there are tons of legal crops rotting in storage facilities, legal dispensaries are hard to find, and folks who bootleg their products (i.e., sell them illegally) are doing more business than ever before.

I’m a big fan of buying local, and I also try to stay within the bounds of the law. That’s why when my stash needed replenishing, I decided to find a local, legal, dispensary and see what they had to offer. My quest led me to ELab Boutique, at 719 Monroe Avenue here in Rochester. I relied on my ex for her advice, and between her and the salesclerk’s advice, I settled on Torch x Ghost Cannoli Indica, as shown above. Why that one? Because whenever faced with that choice of flavor, I always pay homage to The Godfather: I “leave the gun and take the cannoli.” A line which, incidentally, was half ad-libbed: Puzo’s book only said, “Leave the gun.”

When I asked what the difference was between Indica and Sativa, the salesclerk said “Indica is couch, Sativa is washing the garage.”

In other words, Indica will calm and relax you, while Sativa will give you energy and make you want to do stuff.

Naturally, the couch potato in me decided on the Indica. The main reason? I am plagued with migraines, and weed helps to offset the often-agonizing hours I suffer.

Which is what I woke up to this morning: as I was making my first cup of coffee of the day, I felt the indications of an incipient migraine, so I fired up my new vaper and took 3 hits. Five minutes later and the migraine had been banished for good. I say “for good” advisedly: it is now ten hours later and the migraine hasn’t returned.

The vaper itself is an interesting device. There’s a button on the top side, which button you press 5 times to turn it on or off. When it’s on, press and hold down the button while inhaling. The instructions that came with the device said, “INHALE FOR 3 SECONDS & ENJOY,” and after those 3 seconds, the device shuts off. Not completely off, it just limits your inhalation time to 3 seconds. Then you have to press the button again for another hit. I appreciate that, since it makes it almost impossible to accidentally overdose.

The box it came in says “2400 Doses,” and it cost $54 with tax. We’ll see how that plays out versus my usual bootleg purchase of $60. But for the record, I’m quite happy for now. It’s disposable, but can also be recharged via USB-C, which tells me it can also be refilled. That’s something I’ll look into when the time comes.



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