I don’t know if it qualifies as a time slip, but several friends and I had something happen to us that today, 20 years later, we still can’t explain.

We were driving across the Richmond Bridge, just outside of San Francisco. We were in the left-hand lane. To the right of us was a semitrailer, something I believe you on your side of the Atlantic call an articulated lorry.

As we came over the crest of the bridge, there, a few yards ahead us in our lane, was a stalled car. Standing in front of it was a man waving his hands to warn us. There was no way we could stop in time, and since the semi was in the lane next to us, we couldn’t change lanes. I knew we were going to die, as we were going to hit the stalled car as we were travelling at 65 mph.

The next thing we knew we were on the other side of the stalled car, still in our lane, and the semi was still along side of us.

I have no explanation, nor do any of my friends who were with me in the car. We still talk about this among ourselves without reaching any conclusions.

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