If Money Wasn’t an Issue, How Would I Live?

Seattle Public Market. Photo by Claude Piché on Unsplash

Carole P. Roman recently issued a challenge to many of us here on Medium. You can read all about it right here. Go ahead and read it; I’ll be right here when you come back.

This is a touchy subject for me. I’m part of the demographic I call “Too Rich for Medicaid, Too Poor for Insurance.” I got a free eye exam yesterday, but it’s going to take me a few months to save up enough to buy new glasses.

So I’m having to answer this way: if money wasn’t an issue, I’d be able to have all of the basic necessities of life. My SNAP benefits wouldn’t run out halfway through the month. I’d no longer have to rely on the almost-non-existant bus service where I live. Really? 3 hour’s travel time to go 2 miles and back?

Making My Dreams Come True

But the favorite part of my Money-Is-No-Object dream is to move to Seattle and buy a house so I could be closer to my children and grandsons. Once I got settled in, I could schedule my Facial Feminization Surgery and my Gender Correction Surgery.

Seattle, because in addition to being close to my family, one of the city’s nicknames — along with The Emerald City and The Evergreen City — is Transgender Capital of the USA.

But mostly I’d be able to spend more time with my family.

And that, dear friends, is how I’d make my dream come true.

A Transwoman who writes about whatever comes to mind on any given day: Memoirs, Haiku, philosophy, and random weirdness. A grandmother; what's your superpower?

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