My iPhone is My Notebook

I Can’t Remember the Last Time I Carried a Pen or Pencil

Photo by Simson Petrol on Unsplash

I’m old-school in a lot of ways. I hold doors open for people, I text using whole words, and I still laugh at Laurel and Hardy films.

But when it comes to technology, I’m pretty fly for a white chick. My grown children turn to me for tech support. And I always make sure I have the latest version of every app and program I use.

That also means that I long ago abandoned analog note-taking, by which I mean using hand-written notes on paper.

I have several apps I use for writing and my choice of each depends on what I’m writing: IA Writer for my diary, Drafts for quick notes, Evernote and Dropbox for archiving, and so on.

Both Bear and Drafts are overkill; I use them strictly for keeping notes and I don’t take advantage of their more powerful word-processing and categorizing abilities.

All of which to say that I’m always on the lookout for a new app for taking quick notes.

My shiny new iPhone has 64 Gb of storage, and I’m using less than 18 Gb. But as someone who grew up on floppy disks, and who can still remember what a miracle it was when our new IBM-P/C arrived at the office with a 10 Mb hard drive (“Man, your never gonna run out of storage!”), I’m definitely old-school in my obsession with keeping a minimum of apps on my devices.

All of which goes to explain why as much as I like the apps I use for notes, I still want something that takes up less space on my iPhone.

That’s where Note’d comes in. It’s a perfect notepad. I discovered it via one of those “Paid Apps That Are Free Today Only” news items — which I always get the day after — downloaded and installed it. I haven’t yet received notice from the Apple store saying I’ve been charged for it, but even if I was too late to get it for free, it’s only a one-time charge of $1.99, which is less than the $5 a month subscription fee for Bear.

Anyway, to keep a long story short (if it’s not already too late), I’m going to play with Note’d for the next few days and get back to you later in the week with a review.

A Transwoman who writes about whatever comes to mind on any given day: Memoirs, Haiku, philosophy, and random weirdness. A grandmother; what's your superpower?

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